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Who we are

A dynamic, fast growing company based in Vancouver, BC.

We provide a complete and powerful tool to find and fill dental positions for your practice.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to give the dental offices the power to be able to choose the right person in real time, while giving the full availability control to the staff members, so they can find the job opportunities that perfectly fit in their schedules.

By connecting both parties directly, without any interference of the third party, we allow all involved to find the perfect match on their own terms.

The Staff Direct Advantage


Efficient Platform

Our platform makes it easy to find professionals that you need to fill rolls in your dental practice.


A Growing Database

We started the service in July 2015 and we are constantly working on adding new personnel and dental offices to our database.

Full Control

You’re In Control

By allowing you to specify your own conditions, terms, schedules, rates, etc; you have the full control who to hire

Cost Efficient

No Hidden Fees

Just a flat month fee, and it covers all features of the system. No additional fees, commissions and buy out fees are charged.

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