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We offer a comprehensive real time career solution for finding the most suitable job placement for dental professionals.

Be discovered by the dental office near you

the system matches the dental offices seeking a suitable candidates with your profile based on your job title, availability days and additional working conditions.

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Our calendar allows the members to switch from available to unavailable instantly, preventing being called in inconvenient days and having to decline the offer. This helps our members to maintain the status of reliability and professionality, and allows them to be in full control of their engagement.

Seeking jobs actively

we are monitoring the job opportunities in over 1,200 dental office accross British Columbia. 

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What our system provides:

  • Temping and Permanent Opportunities
  • Set your Current and Future Availability
  • Maintain Your Availability in Real Time
  • Set your own conditions, skills and rate
  • Direct Communication with Dental Offices
  • New Jobs Notifications
  • Resume Builder
  • Continuing Education Sources
  • Dental Community Events
  • Useful Information (Interview Tips, Salary Comparison, Resume Samples)

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How It works

It's very simple. You register on our site, fill up your profile, select the days you're available on, and wait for the call. You can set your own conditions, you will be contacted directly from the office, so you can ask any questions that are important to you, you can agree on any terms, length of the job arrangement, it's all between you and the office.

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