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Frequently Asked Questions

  • General

  • We provide services across Canada. We are an online platform, so we are available through the entire country

  • No, we provide a platform where dental professionals (dental offices and staff) are matched based on what they need. No middle man is involved!

  • Staff Direct has been designed as an alternative to the traditional staffing agency, We want the dental offices to be in control in selecting who is the ideal candidate. And at the same time the staff can decide when they are available to work.

  • Yes, the company owner has over 15 years of experience in the dental field. Starting as a dental receptionist, upgrading to CDA and for the past 11 years working as a RDH.

  • We launched in July 2015 and we are constantly working on adding new personnel and dental offices to our database.

  • The main benefit would be the amount of control you have over selecting the ideal person. You can specify your own conditions, terms, availability schedules, rates, etc; The platform can be used anytime and anywhere

  • Office

  • No, everything is done online, however we are randomly checking the CDA and RDH licence numbers to ensure the quality of our database. If we find any fraud the person will be banned from our system.

  • NO. We require the dental office to register with a proper business name, e-mail address, mailing address and office number. We check every office carefully and if anything doesn't match, we call in person to ensure it is a legitimate registration.

  • If the person you hired does not come to work as agreed, please report "No Show" in the History tab or contact us directly. We will investigate what happened and if the person cannot sufficiently explain and declare the reason of their absence, we will remove that person from our system.

  • No, unfortunately we are not liable for the breach of the agreement that was done between you and the hired staff directly over the phone. We are only providing a platform that allows you to find the suitable personnel and contact them directly, but since we are not involved in the hiring process, we cannot take any accountability for the failed agreements. We will however investigate these cases and suspend all personnel that tends to be unreliable to ensure the best quality of our service.

  • We have a rating system that allows the dental offices to evaluate the hired personnel's performance based on Skills, Presentation and Reliability. We strongly encourage the dental offices to rate the hired personnel, as it motivates the personnel to provide you the best service possible and helps other practices to find the the best staff

  • Switch the button from Temporary to Permanent. Select your filters. Select your ideal candidate If you don't see anyone you fancy, you can lower your standards OR you can place and ad. All our members will be notified. If someone is interested they will reply and you get notified.

  • There are few ways how to screen the member (licence number, resume, rating done by previous dental offices). But most of all the dental office will do the best screening by interviewing the person before hiring .

  • No, you have to register every office separately. Each office has a different location and it is important for our system to know the coordinates for that specific location.

  • NO! One of the most valuable benefits of our system is the AVAILABILITY specified by our staff members. Calling them directly without checking their available time is considered harassment. We provide a tool where they can specify which day they wish to be called and which days they are off. We encourage our members to report such calls and the dental offices will be removed from our system.

  • No. We are not a traditional temp agency. The benefit of this platform is that you can search for a staff anytime, anywhere (even from your mobile device). You are in control and as a business owner you are the best to decide who will be coming to work for you. It takes only few minutes to log in and start searching.

  • Staff

  • If you receive a rating that is very low, we will contact you to find out what happened. If the rating turns out to be unfair, it will be removed from your average rating calculation.

  • Yes. Just make sure once you find work and don't need our services any more to update your calendar or switch a button on your profile that you are not looking for work any more.

  • If you are registered as Staff, only the potential employers can see your profile. Your information cannot be seen by other Staff members. If you are registered as Dentist, only staff members you have contacted for a job assignment can see your profile.

  • This dental office kept a phone number from a previous contract ( when you worked for them in the past) and didn't check your availability in our system. Bypassing our system is strictly prohibited. We want to make sure you will not be bothered on your days off. When this happens, please let us know and the office will be removed from our system.

  • We can not directly help you to find job. The best thing you can do is keep your profile updated (all your skills, resume, profile picture, availability calendar....) The more information you enter, the more visible you will be to dental offices.

  • The dental office that hired you. Make sure you agree on the rate and hours before you start working